Do You Have A Backup – No I Didn’t Get Around To It

Sadly We Hear This All Too Often – ‘I Don’t Have A Back Up’

Few things have the ability to invoke more powerful memories than glancing through old photos or watching home videos. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can easily store all of these precious moments on our computers instead of having to squeeze bulky photo albums and boxes all over the house. But, what happens if one day they are gone?

Everything from your wedding video that includes a special message from your grandmother, who died just weeks later to videos of your children from birth until the day they finally left for university. Every photo including those from the first Christmas you spent as a family of three to the photos from the time your 5-year-old daughter convinced her younger sister to let her “cut” her hair.

Now, imagine the anger you will feel after the devastation begins to subside. Anger that you can only direct at yourself (and possibly your partner) because you could have easily prevented this from happening. Maybe you couldn’t have stopped your computer from crashing or being stolen, but you could have prevented all your memories from being lost forever.

If only you had taken a few minutes out of your busy schedule to learn how to back up your computer using a Cloud Backup. Wait a minute! If you are reading this, you still have the time to do it. Time to protect all your photos including those from your once in a lifetime holidays visiting several Caribbean islands to that one photo that captured your expression the very first time you held your newborn. And, of course, your video from the surprise party your family threw you for your last big birthday.

Even if you are not a particularly sentimental person, it is still nothing short of devastating to lose all of your memories that had been frozen in time and of course those important documents. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the time to schedule a time that is convenient for you to come in and learn how to back up your pc effectively. Hopefully, you will never experience this type of loss, but if you do, rest easy knowing that you had protected everything with a Cloud Backup.

Laptops, PC’s and mobile devices break or get stolen

Sadly it’s no secret that laptops, mobiles, tablets and storage devices are now among the most likely to be stolen items in the UK today, presenting as they do the criminal’s perfect combination of being high value, portable and easy to sell on. Paradoxically they are also amongst the most common items to be misplaced; and regardless of the cause, it’s crucial to bear in mind that all un-backed-up data – be it photos, videos, contacts, documents and files – will also be lost. With digital media has never been so important in our day to day lives, there has never been a better time to look to the Cloud for a solution to ensure against the loss or breakdown of a device containing precious personal data.

Cloud storage technology serves as a remote storage facility for people to upload their important personal data, and has a myriad of useful functions. Most obviously should a device suddenly stop working, be lost, stolen or destroyed, unlike the old days of dependency on physical storage, key files can be easily saved to the Cloud and retrieved in moments for immediate use. Data saved to the cloud has the added advantage of being far more secure than that stored upon a standard domestic server, with state of the art security measures, encryption and password security.

These advantages are best considered along with the lines of imagining online cloud storage as being akin to a modern day safe, where invaluable files can be securely kept and retrieved as needed with total peace of mind anywhere in the world. All that is required is an internet connection, be it through wifi or 3/4G. For the home user there are a huge number of ways that this service can be of use, so here’s a couple of examples where Cloud storage really comes into its own:

Home users will find that they can squeeze a great deal of data onto a comparatively small amount of online storage space. Think about those most cherished and prized photographs of family occasions, anniversaries, graduations and – perhaps most popular of all – baby scans. To this, we can add important documents that may be difficult or costly to replace – scans of property deeds, insurance contracts, passports, driving licenses and birth or marriage certificates can all be stored and retrieved as needed.

Students will find that having their own Cloud storage space can be a great asset to their studies, as it serves as a fantastic back-up to safeguard work being made on essays and dissertations, while also providing a convenient way of retrieving important information while on the go. Having a Cloud storage facility consigns the era of needing to lug around valuable pieces of hefty documents to the dustbin.

All users will find fabulous peace of mind knowing that their precious personal memories are safely secured in the event of catastrophic loss, and also bear in mind how wise it is to have cherished and/or confidential files stored across multiple physical devices? All that would be needed is for one to go missing and be hacked to compromise a huge amount of personal data, that could otherwise have been kept entirely secure when stored remotely. There’s no doubt that this is the storage medium of the future, and there’s no better time to look into setting up such a service than now.

Is Backing Up Online Safe?

If you’re like almost everybody else in the UK, you have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So, it stands to reason that you probably have precious photos and other important data on any one or all of your devices. Those photos more than likely include subjects like wedding videos and photos, pregnancy scans that gave you your first look at your unborn baby, all of your baby photos and videos, pictures of your kids as they grow up, as well as vacation and holiday memories.

Your worst nightmare is losing all of those irreplaceable memories, so you want to make sure they are totally secure. “Is online backup secure?” is probably your first question. You probably back up your important data and pictures to a CD, DVD, flash drive or external hard drive, but want to make doubly sure your data is not lost to theft or a natural disaster like fire or flood. So, if you’ve been thinking about a cloud backup solution, but still aren’t sure about that nagging question revolving around are online backups safe, here are a few hints to ensure that your data is secure.

First of all, be sure to read your cloud company’s terms of service to make yourself aware of whether they can track your storage habits for marketing purposes or not. Secondly, don’t allow any program to remember your password, but enter it manually each time you log in. It may not be quite as convenient but is more secure. Always check your storage accounts for any recent activity and consider encryption for extremely important files, like financial records. This way, you will be doing your part to make sure that your cloud backup experience is a positive one and that you won’t have to worry about is online storage safe.

The majority of cloud backup users don’t worry anymore about the question of are online backups safe because they employ the above methods and they trust their cloud backup provider. Companies that deliver this service to consumers know how important your family’s data is to you and they safeguard it in every way possible. So, if you’ve been wondering “Is online backup secure?”, the answer is a resounding “yes, it is”. So, safeguard your precious family photos, financial documents and other important data with cloud backup today and have all of those memories at your fingertips for tomorrow.

How To Back Up Online

At some stage or another you’ve probably asked yourself “How can I backup my computer online?”

These days, the majority of your valuable data, which generally includes not only all of those irreplaceable photos but also all kinds of financial records and other files as well, may be kept just about anywhere in your home or office. Important financial papers and other records can be lost, damaged or destroyed by fire or flood along with pictures and videos. And, even if you save them to your computer, they’re still not completely safe. That’s why it’s so important to find out how to back up your computer online. That way, if your computer crashes, is ever lost or stolen, or damaged by a natural disaster, your important files will be completely safe and secure.

For years now, businesses have been protecting themselves when it comes to disastrous data losses by having off-site backups. So, why shouldn’t individuals who simply say, “I want to back up my computer online” be able to do so as well? Well, you can, with online cloud backup. In addition to your everyday backups to CD or DVD mediums, you can now upload all of your files to the Internet as additional protection.

Basic cloud backup is simply a fixed quantity of storage that functions on a server much like a folder on your computer. You can have the ability to download and upload files at your convenience. If a more sophisticated service is involved, they may provide specialised software that can be scheduled to locate any new files on your computer, compress and encrypt a copy then upload automatically for added security and convenience.

So, rather than run the risk of losing all of your precious family photos or seriously important financial data, remember that it can be quite easy to learn how to back up your computer online. Give it a try and years from now when you’re sharing those family memories with your grandchildren, you’ll be glad you did.