How To Stop Windows Computer From Freezing

Does your computer freezes frequently? Due to various reasons like too many opened programs, operating system or any hardware and software related issue, your computer can get frozen. Here are some ways to stop windows computer from freezing: Close all

How To Boot A Computer From A CD Or USB Drive

Whether you want to install a new operating system or fix your PC, you will need to boot your computer from a CD or USB flash drive. Here’s how to do it: Step 1 – Insert the disk: The first

Prevalent Myths And Facts About Computer Repairs

Just like other things computer repairs is also not untouched with the myths that varies by person to person. Following are certain myths and facts associated with computer repairs: Myth: PC slows down because of hardware wear out Fact: Computer

Gardening Apps

Gardening Apps [3 Apps To Help You Be A Better Gardener] Owning and maintaining a garden takes effort, and it takes work and this is where gardening apps come in useful.  Alice’s Garden has chosen for us three awesome apps

Useful Instructions For Improving Battery Life Of A Laptop

It happens all the time when you are in a meeting, in a classroom or on a road and you find that your laptop battery is almost dead. But you can do few things to get your work done by

Ensure Smooth Data Recovery From Your Formatted Drive

Lost your important data while formatting drive and want that data again. Little panic situation but can be resolved with little patience and knowledge of proper software and programs. Following are the basic steps you should follow before installing any

Guidelines For Boosting Wi-Fi Signals

If you are disturbed by slow Wi-Fi speeds, bad signal strength and other issues, here are some guidelines for boosting Wi-Fi signals, and ensuring better connectivity speeds: Reposition your router: Discover a new place to position your router and raise

Various Types Of Malware That Can Ruin Your PC

Various types of malware that can ruin your PC Malicious software, typically known as malware is a kind of code or script that can disrupt the computer operations. The purpose of the malware is to affect and harm computer system.

Things To Do With Your Old Computer Parts

After purchasing a new computer, you are all set to say bye to your old computer and switch to a new one. Your new computer will be having boatload of memory, lots of cores, and a fast, modern graphics card

How To Copy Content Easily From One Hard Drive To Another?

Whether you want to backup data from one drive to another or move data from old hard drive to the new one, here are some ways that can help you to do this: Using MS-DOS and the Windows command line