Disposing Your Old Laptop – Keep These Things In Mind

While disposing your old laptop, some spare parts can be easily extracted. If your old laptop is still functional then its parts may be useful for you or someone else. So before trashing your old laptop, you can keep and recycle its certain components like:

  • Battery:

As laptop batteries are unique to a particular model, you can’t use it in another laptop. So if your laptop battery has some life left, even if it just few hours, you may earn some money by selling it to someone else who has the same model. It’s probably good to recycle your laptop battery for some purpose.

  • Power supply:

Like batteries, power supply connector also changes with every model and can’t be used as it won’t fit into newer laptop models. But you can sell your laptop’s power supply to someone else or may reuse the power supply to an old desktop computer. Also power cable might be fit into another power supply or any device.

  • Hard drive:

Hard drive is easy to extract and reuse. But you should not use old hard drive for storing important data; you can use it to save non essential data like music or movies. You can salvage your old hard drive by dismounting it and transforming it into an external and portable hard drive for your new computer.

So while disposing your old laptop it is good to keep its parts as backup. You might make some money by selling your old laptop parts.