Faulty Hard Drive?

Don’t Ignore Clicking Noises Coming From Your PC

Clicking noises coming from your computer, Windows or Mac, can never be a good sign.  Modern computers have very few moving parts which are a good thing as there is less to wear out. It does mean you need to suspicious when it does start making odd noises.
inside of a hard drive
The main moving parts inside a desktop or laptop are the fans and hard drives.  Fans spin, hard drives spin, so you’re likely to hear a low pitch whir as they go about their business. Clicking is never a good sign.
It could be some things, but it could also be your hard drive is about to go bang.|
Parts inside PCs make noise, especially with the number of things in there that spin. What your PC shouldn’t ever do is make a clicking noise. That usually means something somewhere isn’t right.
It could be something simple like a cable is getting caught by a fan blade. But it could be something more serious, like your hard drive about to leave this world. So definitely don’t ignore it.
Make a backup as soon as you start hearing any clicking noises. Make sure you backup of your most important information to an external device.  
Back up those photos and business accounts or the novel you’ve been working on for years! Then call us and we’ll test the SMART drive health. A failing hard drive could stop working at any moment.

The video below shows how a hard drive works

Data recovery from a head crash is difficult and will need a forensic data recovery company. Beware prices start in the low hundreds of pounds and rise to the thousands of pounds.
The best advice is not to ignore those clicking noises and get them checked out – after you’ve backed up your data!