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Gardening Apps [3 Apps To Help You Be A Better Gardener]

Owning and maintaining a garden takes effort, and it takes work and this is where gardening apps come in useful.  Alice’s Garden has chosen for us three awesome apps for gardening that will take away a little of the effort, and should make the work part a bit more fun!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a green-fingered god in the garden, or if you feel hopelessly lost – we will show you that computer technology can be just as useful outside the home too. There are lots of smartphone apps designed to help and inform your gardening journey.

There are gardening related apps that will help you identify plants, apps that will provide expert advice on soil treatment and plant nutrition. Apps to help you with pest control, apps for herbs and vegetables and apps for blooming flowers. There are even apps on growing grass!

Let’s Start With Gardening Apps That Help You Grow Delicious Food

growing vegetable apps

App For Food Gardening

The first app provides you with a fantastic library of information on self-sufficient gardening for food. This one is called Gardenate and is available on both Apple iOS

and Android. At only $1, it’s a no-brainer! It offers a simple calendar for planting and harvesting your vegetables and herbs. It provides a step by step journey from tilling the soil, how to prepare any drills or seedbed. The app provides clear instructions and videos on planting the crops, depth of planting and the necessary spacing.

Ever been worried about mistaking your saplings for weeds? Not any more. The app shows what your plants will look like at each step of development. Care and maintenance, feeding and watering are all covered in detail – so that you should have a generous crop to harvest come the season.

Apps For Flowering Plantsapps for flowering-plants

The second gardening app we’ve selected demonstrates the fine art of blooming flowers. We thought GrowIt was perfect for the gardener who wants to develop their horticulture skills.

If you’re like me, you’ll take the easier route and buy saplings from your local nursery or garden centre. At this point, the sapling already has a well-established root system and transplanting into a larger pot or flower bed is relatively straightforward.

In this event, the app provides you with video instructions on handling the plants, preparing the soil to take the sapling and planting to the correct depth. Believe it or not, the depth of planting will have a huge bearing on the success and prominence of the blooms.

If you decide to take the longer path to bloom heaven and grow your plants from seed – you are going to love this app too. We all know that the soil preparation in terms of nutrition and acidity are critical for the development of a healthy seedling. This app shows you how to create the optimal seedbed for all your favourite flowering plants. Follow their expert guidance and become the envy of your neighbours.

Apps for trees and shrubsapps for garden trees

For those with larger gardens, or even if you just love wandering around tree nurseries, garden centres and parks – this app will help you identify your silver Birch from your Flowering Cherry. SmartPlant is available for a $6 subscription or an annual fee of $35. It’s more expensive than most gardening apps, but we felt that the information and expert content was well worth the price.

There’s a lot of knowledge in this little app. Whether you just want to be able to identify the trees in your own garden, or if you are adventurous and want to learn to take a cutting and grow it to a sapling – you’ll find everything you need in here.

Anyone who has tried, knows just how long a seedling takes to get established. It’s a slow process! This app will help make you a cutting expert in no time with its detailed videos and guides. We recommend this app for all the tree lovers out there!

Best Gardening Apps Uk

So if you’re looking for some tech magic to help you be a better gardener then we can recommend any of the 3 gardening apps mentioned in our quick roundup.