SeeIt Is This The End Of Tech Problems?

SeeIt – Is this the future of tech support?

See the issue. Save the day with SeeIt.

For things that aren’t easy to explain over the phone, live video can show you exactly what you need to know. You simply open our new free app and point your smartphone at the problem, allowing you to skip the frustration and get straight to the resolution.

With the magic of live camera streaming we can actually ‘see’ what you can see, making helping you faster and less frustrating. Our new Apple & Android app makes it ‘push button simple’ to share the camera on your phone or tablet with us – meaning we can be in the room with you (well kind of!).

Imagine you’re trying to set up your new router, printer, laptop or you’re just not sure which cable goes where, well now you can show us what and we can talk you through it in seconds with no guess work!

You simply use your iPhone or Android camera to show the issue (it works just as well with iPads and Android tablets) and we talk you through how to solve it.

You can communicate clearly with us through the built-in audio and to help explain the solution, we can place arrows on the paused video or on snapshots making it quick and easy to see exactly what you to do.

We can capture the audio, video and snapshots from your sessions in a simple click and send you a recording of the session for you to keep for future use.

Now when you wish you had someone with you who knew what they were doing – you can – all from the push of a button!

We call this ‘SeeIt Support’

Wherever something goes wrong we can quickly take a look and take action.

This new technology is going to revolutionise they way we can help support you in getting the most out of your technology.

  • Quick Connect
  • Camera Streaming
  • Built-in Audio
  • On Screen Annotations
  • Session Recordings

Remote computer supportLearn more about Live Camera Streaming here

If you can think of someone who might benefit from this new way of helping please share this post with them. The first ‘SeeIt’ support session is free!