How To Stop Windows Computer From Freezing

Does your computer freezes frequently? Due to various reasons like too many opened programs, operating system or any hardware and software related issue, your computer can get frozen. Here are some ways to stop windows computer from freezing:

  • Close all unnecessary applications:

Most of the time users minimize the unused programs rather than closing them. But these programs run off the screen and can take enough portions of computer’s operating system. Thus your computer may get slow down. So it is better to close all unnecessary programs to prevent from computer freezing.

  • Uninstall applications you no longer need:

Applications that are no longer being needed also take storage space and run idly in the background and thus slow your computer down. To uninstall any applications, go to the Control Panel and click “Add/Remove Programs”, choose the program you want to uninstall and click “Change/Remove”.

  • Delete files you no longer need:

Remove those files that are no longer being required and try to use built-in utility “Disk Cleanup” that help to keep hard disk uncluttered and boot computer performance. You can prevent your computer from slowing down by emptying the recycle bin regularly.



  • Run a virus scan:

Sometimes virus is the reason for slowing down your computer. So it is better to run a virus scan regularly that fixes threats. Also you can use windows built in scanner to scan and clean threats.